JanetRaeness (janetraeness) wrote in faith_questing,


Hi. I started this community to discuss issues of faith, belief in God, and lifestyles. This is not meant to be a "my way or the highway" sort of thing. While I consider myself Christian (and, therefore, this will deal mostly with Christian issues of faith), I welcome anyone of any religion who wants to converse about things in a respectful tone. Be polite to me, and I'll be polite to you. Be obscene, overtly rude, abusive, or blatantly derogatory and I will politely ask you to leave, all the while banning your posts.
It is my hope to get some good discussions going here. If you know someone who might be interested in joining, I'd love to see people getting into this. I think people in general have more questions than answers about faith.. especially their own, and while I intend to post questions, I hope other people will as well, so that we can really get some good commentary going.

Anyway,.. thanks for reading, I hope you join!
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